"Amy Fronckiewicz is a passionate photographer who approaches each project with a fresh eye and fresh enthusiasm. She is particularly sensitive to the client’s needs, yet offers her own unique perspective and always demonstrates a willingness to collaborate. She has the patience to take the time to work through a complicated jewelry shot – and can be depended on to offer artful solutions that delight and inspire. When time is of the essence, Amy works efficiently and quickly to deliver what is needed. She can also be depended on to build a team of highly skilled talent, when required for a specific project. I have worked with Amy for many years now and she continues to grow, experimenting with lighting and set design, to offer an impressive array of solutions for whatever project we might have in mind. She is also a great partner – willing to work through all roadblocks to provide a great result." -Steffie Kirschner, SVP - Brand Merchandising, The Jewelry Group

“Amy's talent in photography goes beyond technical skills. She has a sharp eye for composition and story that brings each subject she photographs to life. Her collaborative spirit makes every project a pleasure and gives it the creative magic it deserves. Amy's cheerful enthusiastic nature is ever present, regardless of how insane, tensed or difficult I can be. I have worked with Amy from personal projects to national ad campaigns, each and every time she delivered beyond expectations. She is a truly talented photographer and a gem of a person." -Yeweng Wong, Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather

Amy is a highly skilled photographer whom I have worked with on various projects over the last 11 yrs. Most notably, as Creative Director of IZOD and Geoffrey Beene while working with PVH Corps Marketing department. She is a great collaborator and adds great value creatively to any project. She works with great integrity and with a contagious personality. -Sidney Edwards, Creative Problem Solver

"Amy transformed the way I look at my work. Her first photo shoot was an amazing experience that brought feeling and emotion to the pieces I had created. From that shoot on, I was able to look at my work in a new, more contemporary way. I have worked with Amy from that day on, and over the years we have done a number of great sessions that follow the story of my work and continue to bring it into new focus, following the progression of the work and pushing the viewer's perception. Amy has incredible energy for what she does - she has an ability to make products and subjects be seen at their best and most beautiful." -Karen Gilbert, Artist/Designer and Co-Owner of SkLO Studio and Gallery Lulo

I could not have had a better experience with Amy! She was patient with me, as a new shop owner, she gave me creative options and helped me problem-solve when issues came up, and has gone above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed by when I needed it.

I couldn't have opened my shop without Amy - and on top of that, the photography she took is amazing, it's always the first thing my customers comment on! I would highly recommend her services - I'll be using them myself again soon! -Marcie Greene, CEO at Gifted & Present

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